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XR / VR / AR
Digital Avatars
and clothing
Neural Networks
Foresight sessions

A virtual environment that completely or partially changes the space in real time for the user.

  • Creative and design

  • Logistics

  • Platform Webex Meet

  • Technical equipment

  • Samsung Gear 360° VR Helmets

  • Development area in Garage Museum

  • + 2000 participants

  • Multimedia show with VR-glasses

VR presentation of the Audi Q7 car

  • The guests followed the QR code and watched the dresses created by Russian designers

  • Creating a virtual fitting room

  • 8 NPT elements of digital clothing

  • Virtual clothing collection at Dubai Fashion Week

Dubai Fashion Week

  • The possibility of purchasing clothes as an NFT object

Avatars are characters created or copied from real people living in a virtual space

  • Interactive avatar format that repeats movements through the capture camera

  • 100+ cameras stitching photos into one 3D object

  • Photogrammetric shooting

  • Photorealistic avatar

Avatar Pi

  • DeepFake technology for exciting storytelling on behalf of the character

  • Chef of the restaurant "SHE" in Moscow

  • Idea, avatar creation, social networking

  • Virtual avatar blogger-influencer

Sasha SHE

  • Real time avatar animation

  • Collaborations with famous bloggers, brands and other avatars

  • Virtual show at Vogue L’Officiel Buro

  • Generating graphics for 3D clothes

  • Creating a neural network

  • Virtual show at Brazilian Fashion Week

Sxema3d - Neural Monsters

  • Placing the collection on a digital retailer Dress-X

Technology that allows you to secure ownership of virtual works of art, any images and music

  • The opportunity to watch crypto art "live"

  • Collaborations with brands, workshops, lectures and educational events

  • A 5m screen to accommodate artist collections

  • Russia's first NFT physical gallery

NFT Art Gallery ZAVTRA

  • Meeting place of the NFT community: artists, collectors, brands

Self-learning programs that independently generate content from big data

  • Technology VQGAN+CLIP

  • Neural network generation of new forms, based on the work of world-famous avant-garde and Impressionist artists

  • Creating neural networks

  • Creating a unique author's cake design


  • Artificial intelligence transformed photos of guests, distorting textures and shapes

  • Face and speech recognition systems

  • Educational and music programs

  • 2-day large-scale multimedia exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod for the 800th anniversary of the city

AI installation on INTERVALS 2021

  • Cameras with face tracking system

Workshop for teams and brands based on forecasts of experts and futurologists, trends of the future, new media and innovative technologies

  • What will the world look like in the coming years? - Avatars, neural networks, virtual stores, hybrid and augmented architecture, etc. new technologies that will make our lives brighter

  • Peter Ivanov spoke about the latest media

  • The founder of the ZAVTRA studio spoke at an international forum in St. Petersburg with the support of the Government of Qatar, dedicated to the future

TED. What will happen tomorrow?

Digital Show (3)

Digital Show (3)

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Online / Hybrid / Conferences (3)

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Exhibitions / Museums (2)

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